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WHY Invest in SEOUL

  • Center of Global Business

    Center of Northeast Asia, connected to over 30 large cities within 3 hours
    Top 4 Best Airports for Cargo Handling, Ranked 6th (2020)
    The world's 5th largest e-commerce market with a transaction volume of 104.1 billion dollars.

  • Optimal Business Environment

    Ranked first in ICT penetration rate for three consecutive years (2018-2020)
    No.1 in UN E-Government Survey, E-Government Development Index, and E-Participation Index(2020)
    70% or more of global brand companies are based in Seoul.

  • Abundant and High Quality Manpower

    The highest university graduation rate among OECD countries (2021)
    Ranked first in the university education system sector in Asia (2018)
    Ranked third as a student-friendly city (2021)
    Active early adopter and prosumer activities.

  • Industrial clusters

    Strategically supporting the development of industrial clusters focused on
    Seoul's core industries, including research and development, information and communications technology, artificial intelligence, and services.


  • 01Cash Grants

    For Foreign Direct Investment that has a significant effect on the Korean economy,the state or a local government may provide the foreign direct invested company with cash grants to partially support the funds required for its business operation

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  • 02Subsidies

    Local governments may grant an employment subsidy and an education and training subsidy in consideration of the employment scale and the impact on the development of the local economy.

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  • 03Tax Exemption

    In cases where a foreign investment meets the following requirements, the relevant investment can be exempted from acquisition tax and property tax on real estate in accordance with the Restriction of Special Local Taxation Act.

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  • 04Business Centers

    Seoul Metropolitan Government operates 257 rooms at 10 sites to lease places of business for foreign direct invested companies.

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Support projects

The number of ongoing project : 1
  • Company Invitation

    Call for 2024 FDI All-in-One Package

    • Screening Process : 1st
    • Invitation Method : Selection after Assessment
    • Number of Investors Invited : 0/0(Quota)
    • Project Period : 2024-03-04 ~ 2024-12-06
    • Application Period : 2024-03-04 00:00 ~ 2024-12-07 00:00
  • Others

    2024 Foreign Start-up Idea Contest(A Big Think)

    • Screening Process : 1st
    • Invitation Method : Selection after Assessment
    • Number of Investors Invited : No Limitations to Applicant
    • Project Period : 2024-06-24 ~ 2024-10-24
    • Application Period : 2024-06-24 00:00 ~ 2024-07-13 00:00
  • Others

    [Call for Applications] 2024 The 4th Foreign Startup School

    • Screening Process : 1st
    • Invitation Method : In Order of Application
    • Number of Investors Invited : 40(Quota), 0(Quota of Persons on Standby)
    • Project Period : 2024-05-20 ~ 2024-05-31
    • Application Period : 2024-05-03 18:00 ~ 2024-05-15 18:00

Statistics of Foreign-invested
Companies in Seoul

  • Status of the number of foreign-invested companies by region

    (Unit : Numbers)
  • Regional average number of employees.

    (Unit : Persons)
  • Regional average sales revenue.

    (Unit : KRW)
  • Industry Group status

    Information and communication Professional, scientific and technical activities Manufacturing Wholesale and retail trade
  • Credit rating status

    • Good (A1 ~ A3)
    • Fair (B1 ~ B3)
    • Caution (C1 ~ C2)
    • Poor (C3 ~ D)


  • ICT

    ICT Industries

    Seoul is the center of Korea's ICT industry.

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  • BIO

    BIO Industries

    The city of Seoul is where the most clinical trials for new drug development are conducted in the world.

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  • R&D

    R&D Industries

    Seoul nurtures global startups and small and medium-sized enterprises that will lead the future.

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  • Digital

    Digital Content Industries

    75% of Korea's digital content is produced in Seoul.

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  • Tourism

    Tourism Industry

    Hidden nature and palaces exist in many buildings, Hanok traditional architecture enhances the charm of Seoul.

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  • Fashion

    Beauty Industry

    Musinsa, Mediheal, honey glow mask.. The K-Beauty Unicorn was created and developed in Seoul.

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Cooperative partners

  • KB 국민은행
  • IBK 기업은행
  • 신한은행
  • 하나은행
  • standard chartered SC제일은행
  • 우리은행
  • ICBC
  • IDA Ireland
  • 덴톤스리 로펌
  • 혜성회계법인
  • KISA